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Experienced and responsible stewards of capital.

Integral is a global investor with more than half a century of collective investment management experience. Using our depth of knowledge, we navigate uncertain global markets with due care and skill on behalf of our valued clients.

Partner and invest with us. Invest the Integral way.

Investment approach

We are long-only investment managers who actively manage portfolios to optimise risk-adjusted returns. Our investment style is primarily quality-orientated, but we remain opportunistic in nature, adding elements of alternative investment styles where suitable opportunities arise.

We believe in diversification to manage risk and seek to outperform the market while mitigating downside risks.

Integral Asset Management How to Invest

How to invest with Integral

Our latest Minimum Disclosure Documents

For comprehensive details on our equity fund, refer to our latest Minimum Disclosure Documents.

2024 April – Integral BCI Equity Fund

Integral Asset Management Minimum Disclosure 2

2024 March – Integral BCI Equity Fund

Integral Asset Management Minimum Disclosure 4

2024 February – Integral BCI Equity Fund

The Outlook

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